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We have the accommodation of double, triple, four and eight bedrooms with attached bathroom and balcony.

Different ways of booking your room:

1. Click on book a room, select date and number of people, then reserve the room and later call on the given number (or expect a callback within 24 hours).

2. Email us.

3. Call us.

4. Go to the contact section and fill your information.

After the contact has been made, we will provide you with the payment details. Pay an advance amount to book your rooms.

Forest Safari


Forest safari is one of the most exciting things in Jayanti. There are safaris like Buxa core safari, Chuniya Basti Safari to experience the amazing Buxa forest and its wildlife. To book your safari in advance you first have to book your rooms at Jayanti Riverview and then confirm the date and time of your safari.


Mountain Hiking


We have a lovely opportunity of trekking in the Bhutan Hills. Mahakal is one of the mini hiking where you have to follow the river towards the border of Bhutan. The destination Mahakal has small caves and beautiful sculptures worth watching. The other adventure is Buxa fort and Lepchakha trek. Buxa fort takes 2 hours to walk from Santalbari and Lepchakha takes 2 more hours from Buxa fort. We promise you, the view from Lepchakha is something that you won't ever forget.


Fun in Water

Jayanti has it's own Aquatica. No, we don't have the rides but it's another experience to bathe in a mountain river without worrying about anything else. The River Stream and springs have created an amazing natural pool at the foothill of Mahakal. You will definitely have quality time here.

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