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Terms and conditions

1. Pictures of every room is given on the website of Jayanti Riverview which is Please check them before booking your room. If the customer claims that the picture that was sent to them by the agency or hotel owner is different from what has given to them then it has to be backed by proof.

2. A lot of pictures are sent to the customers by the management before booking their rooms. Pictures and tariff are the first forms of communication and not to be mistaken as a promise of allotted rooms.

2. Once you book a room it can be changed if the other rooms are available but if not available, you can not claim to change your rooms and the booking amount is not refundable in such conditions.

3. If any kind of damage is caused by the customer then they will have to pay a fine for that which will be decided by the hotel management.

4. Check-in time: 12 noon. Check out time: 11 AM. You have a buffer of 1 hour for check-in and check out. beyond which the next day's charge will be applied. (communicate with the management if you want to extend the buffer time but the decision is in the hand of the management).

5. If the customer leaves prematurely, the management is entitled to charge the total agreed remuneration.

5. Payment method: Cash or UPI. No debit or credit card is accepted on spot. Jayanti doesn't have an ATM machine either so keep that in mind before coming. Only Indian Rupees are accepted.

6. All the customers are requested to carry a photocopy of their ID proofs.

7. Cancellation policy: If a room is booked and you want to cancel it, a full refund of your booking amount is only applicable if you cancel it a month before your arrival date. If you cancel the room between 2 weeks to 4 weeks before your arrival then you will be refunded 50% of your booking amount. If cancel it within 14 days of your arrival day then the money won't be refunded.

8. Pets are allowed only with prior consent. Make sure the other guests are not disturbed by the pet and no extra rooms will be provided by the management. The proprietor/management is not responsible for any nuisance caused by the pet. 

9. Unmarried couples are allowed.

10. Reminder: You are entering a reserve forest. No loud music is allowed. No picnic is allowed. Bonfire is allowed under the supervision of the management. If you are entering the forest, take a guide to the buxa tiger reserve with you.


11. Alcohol is allowed with prior consent but management is allowed to cancel your reservation if any kind of nuisance is created by the customer. Hence, drink responsibly without bothering the other guests, management and wildlife.

12. Since Jayanti is a remote place and the communication is poor, in case of any kind of sickness or medical emergency situation the management may help the customers with every resources (the help provided by the management is not guaranteed) that we have but will not be taken responsible if anything goes wrong.

13. If any gaps arise in a relation to the agreement, the applicable legal provisions shall apply.

If you are booking your rooms at Jayanti Riverview, you have to be abided by these terms and conditions.
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