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Beyotee was formed by a couple of local hotel owners of Dooars who wanted to provide the tourists with the best Dooars experience possible. Hence they decided to provide package tours, resort room booking, food package, car booking, safari booking and what not with proper guidance at the best price. So, If you want to experience Dooars to its core and feel like a localite for a few days, go for beyotee.



1. RESORT BOOKING: Best hotels and resorts at the cheapest rate: Beyotee provides you hotel at a cheaper rate than the resort itself.

2. FOOD PACKAGE: You don't have to worry about food at all. Beyotee has got it covered.

3. CAR BOOKING: Beyotee provides you with a wide range of different cars at different prices.

4. HIDDEN GEMS: Beyotee has the best Dooars packages with hidden gems of Dooars for you to see.

5. SAFARIS: Forest safaris are a part of Dooars and it can be difficult to book them. Beyotee makes it easy for you to book those safaris.

6. CUSTOMIZED PACKAGE: Information about places is given better than any other website. Hence while making customized packages, you can include places or hidden gems according to your knowledge very conveniently.

7. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Beyotee is available 24/7. So, while travelling or making plans about travelling Dooars, Beyotee is there with you whenever you need.

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