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Jayanti: Chuniya Basti Safari

Updated: May 10, 2020

In the month of October 2019, Some of my friends and I went to Jayanti for the 25th time I guess. Although we didn't plan to go for the Chuniya Basti safari, It was Monoj da from Jayanti Riverview who suggested us to go for it since people from the morning safari slot have seen a herd of elephants on the route between Chuniya Basti and Bhutiya Basti tower. So, after having a delicious Bengali lunch made by Monoj da and Co, We went for it. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the herd of elephants but we saw something which is an endangered species and worth millions. Check the video here.


Camera used: Nikon D3500

Mobile Camera: Redmi K20 Pro

Tripod used:

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