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The dead river of Jayanti that makes you feel alive

Updated: May 10, 2020

The “Queen of Dooars”, as it is known, Jayanti river forms a natural border between the hills of Bhutan and West Bengal. It has an astounding view and tranquil ambience. This sinuous river, flowing through the Buxa Tiger Reserve, has its origin in Bhutan and flow all the way down to India. The river usually remains dry throughout the year but during monsoons, it gushes with cool sparkling water. The sound of the river simply refreshes and soothes your mind. During the night, the riverbed shimmers under the glistening moonlight. Even the distant areas overlooking the river are plainly visible. It has a tranquil environment to relax right within the lap of mother nature with the alluring sound of the flowing river, chirping of birds, sweet fragrance of nature and refreshingly cool breeze.

I went there with my friends in 2017. We stopped at the riverbed and there we spent almost the whole afternoon. The walk through the pebbles at river Jayanti was something to really enjoy. We didn’t go to Mahakal, which was situated across the river, because of the shortage of time. However, that short time was memorable because of the beauty of that place. Nature has beauty in everything, even in a dry riverbed.

The feeling is indescribable when you dip your feet into the water. We sat there for hours like this and did some photoshoots. The scenic beauty could enthral any photographers. The translucent water could make you see the ‘you’ in a way that no mirror ever could. The stealthily moving current could take away all your worries for a while. We waited there until the sunset and that view was mesmerizing. Even some naked trees’ struggle for existence amidst that vast landscape evokes a poetic imagination.

The hills on the eastern side of the river and the small village on the western side are also named after the river as Jayanti Hills and Jayanti village respectively. Jayanti village is one of the oldest towns in the region and was famous for the dolomite mines. Today the past glory of a burgeoning town is totally amiss and instead what you see is a decaying village within a vibrant ecology. We visited that village en route and the greenery and wildlife were beautiful there.

The wide stretch of Jayanti riverbed is the primary attraction for tourists here. If you intend to visit Jayanti just as a single day-tour, you would spend most of the time probably on the banks of the river. Furthermore, there is a beautiful rest house of the forest department provides accommodation for the tourists and of course, nothing compares the hospitality and homeliness of yours own 'Jayanti Riverview' but there are several basic homestays and small tourist lodges in the area as well.


Author: Subhraneel Mahato

From: Bankura

About him: I am an M.A in English and cultural studies. I like writing songs, exploring hilly regions and love to share my experiences with people.

Social Media: Subhroneel Mahato

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