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The little things that you need to take care of during a trek

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Last summer I went trekking with few of my friends. We set out for Lepchakha and decided to stay at Resort Jayanti Riverview. This was the first time I was trekking and my friends were Amateur as well. All excited for the adventure ahead, we forgot to consider that we are not well aware regarding trekking and it is only after going to trek we faced the problem of not considering the impending problems. So, to save you the research, I enlist some points which you must consider or avoid during trekking.

1. To wear or not to wear:

One of my friends had the view that cotton is the most comfortable fabric to wear and as you will be engaging in a physical activity you must stay comfortable. Well! Here, let me correct you cotton stays right next to your skin layer and the chilly air can easily penetrate the fabric, hence as most of the trekking places are mountain regions and chilly, one can fall victim of severe cold and even hypothermia. So choose your attire wisely.

2. Keep happy feet:

Footwear is the most important thing while hiking. Hilly region's path are not smooth, they are made of solid rock, hence having hiking shoes are a must. Now being too excited I brought a new pair of hiking boots and kept them intact. During the journey the show became uncomfortable and I even had blisters. So use your hiking boots before the journey and make sure it’s comfy.

3. Selecting the right gears:

Now you make take everything you need while hiking, starting from juice bottles, tissue boxes, extra food cans to mosquito repellent and water bottles thinking that you have to prepared for any kind of adversity. But let me tell you it can be proved an extra peril. Extreme weight may create problem in your hiking so you need to be very selective while choosing your gears and should only take the essentials.

4. Right your diet:

Now during our trek, one of our friends skipped the meals thinking a full stomach may give a Vomiting tendency. Let me tell you the result was undesirable. To hike in the mountains you need your strength and high metabolism. So make sure you eat enough fibre, yoghurt and fruits which will give you the energy to keep going.

5. Carry the food, keep a good mood:

Now if you have to trek for more than 6 hours you will need more energy so carry some carbs, protein bars, fruits and obviously water to keep yourselves going but these must be foods which are easy to carry. But done drink too much water on the way, just enough to keep yourself hydrated.

6. Enjoy nature, avoid the fracture:

Now, in this era of social media and Instagram, it is obvious that we will want to capture the memories as far as we can. Some do video blogging, podcast or wild photography but while doing all of these you must take care of your safety. Do not go near edges, or poisonous unknown flowers or insects. Also, you are there to enjoy nature and not to disturb it so keep it quite.

So these are the few tips before you explore nature and indulge in hiking for the first time. Stay safe, go wild!


From: Alipurduar

About her: Sanchari has done her masters in English and culture study. She likes observing human behaviour, cultural specificity and exploring new places. Her dream is to travel the world and become a writer.

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