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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

If you are looking for an escape from the mundane daily life trapped in the polluted ambiance of the city then Dooars can be your breath of fresh air, a castaway in the lap of nature. Dooars refers to the region of Himalayan foothills shrouded with forest, rivers and a great view of the mountains at the backdrop. It derived its name for being the 'Dooar' I.E doorway to Bhutan. Amid the vast range of places to visit Dooars One might feel confused in narrowing down the must-visits, Thus here are our recommendations for the top 5 places which might safe you the confusion. GORUMARA NATIONAL PARK: One must agree that the most popular of all the places of dooars is Guru Mara National Park. It is especially famous for Indian rhinos but glimpses of other rare species are caught which makes it even more attractive to the travellers. Elephants, Indian pythons, King Cobra and different kind of reptiles make this place thrilling and exclusive. Moreover, a safari can be arranged for the travellers which give them a chance to explore the unknown territory hidden in nature and makes the whole experience even more adventurous by allowing them to observe nature with the help of the watchtowers situated in the middle of the forest.

CHAPRAMARI WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: Situated near Gorumara wildlife century, this place is a rare gem for nature lovers. A trip to Chapramari through the path adorned by the beautiful tea gardens on both sides gives you a sense of freshness. The place has ponds with various kinds of fishes and is marked with the presence of several birds of the Himalayan region. Along with the Soothing chirpings of bird, you can see the glimpses of Wild animals like boars, deers, leopards and so on.

BUXA TIGER RESERVE: Adorned by dense forest and Jayanti river Buxa tiger reserve is one of a kind, it is a great opportunity to do trekking as well with comparatively less effort which makes it easier for people of every age. Though it is popular as a Tiger Reserve; you can see here Bisons, Elephants, Barking Deer and various animals and birds, reptiles and so on. And for the people who are in love with butterflies, you would not want to miss the opportunity to see these colourful little creatures drinking water from the streets and the jungles in swarms. Even the variety in the vegetation itself plus the remains of an old fort at the top of buxa gives you a sense of historical enchantment as well as Natural relaxation.

SUMSING AND SANTHALEKHOLA: Sometimes all we need is a getaway where we can calmly enjoy the beauties of nature which we have ignored in this modern lifestyle. Sumsing and Santhalekhola are two places of beauty which allow you to just sit back and relax enjoying the beauty of nature. Situated near the town of Siliguri with a view of mountains and the soothing sound of splashing rivers, it’s a treat for nature lovers.

JALDAPARA NATIONAL PARK: Another one of the must-visits of Dooars is the Jaldapara National Park it is Savanah dense jungle which is famous for one-horned Rhinos, elephant, different kinds of reptiles, King Cobra, butterflies and several other wild animals. However, the speciality of this place lies in the fact that here a jungle safari sitting on an elephant can be arranged which will allow you to explore the jungle in a very thrilling and adventurous way which will gift you a one-time exclusive experience in life.


Written By: Sanchari Chatterjee From: Alipurduar

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