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What I love about Dooars; My trip to 4 places


Namrota Ghosh Chowdhury is a MA English from Vidyasagar University. She likes to travel and unveil new things. She is a blogger. She is a dreamer and wants to be a passionate writer one day.

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What I love about Dooars; My trip to 4 places

If you want to find solace and escape from the hectic schedule of life, you can book your tickets to Dooars. Dooars or Duars typically refers to the region of outer Himalayan foothills. This place is well known for its enchanting scenic beauty that would take all your worries and give fresh air to breathe in. I visited Dooars in May 2019 with my family. We were seven people altogether. Amid the vast range of places to visit, we were confused about where to start from. We halted in a Jayanti Riverview resort at first. It is no doubt a homely resort with full of facilities. It took us a day to plan from where to start sight-seeing. Then we visited many places that were beautiful and serene. Thus, I listed some of them here which I loved the most.


This is the most popular National park of Dooars located in the region of Himalayan foothills, it is primarily well known for its population of Indian Rhinoceros. This park is surrounded by dense forest. Here I was mesmerized by the sound of clicking Beatles which gave me the feeling of thrill and excitement. Animals that were mainly in this area were Deer, Elephants, Rhinoceros, Python, King Cobra, Bison, and many other reptiles. Moreover, the most interesting part of this place was the safari, that was so stimulating. I was feeling as if I am in a mission. It helped me to unveil the hidden parts of the forest where I could see peacocks amidst the jungle. It was very adventurous, their arrangement for the tourists was very engaging. The whole experience was made even more adventurous by the help of the watchtowers situated in the middle of the forest which allowed us to observe the mother nature.


If you seriously want to be a part of the bird family, you are most welcomed here. Here I found the real blessing of nature. So many birds at a glance were no less than any heavenly paradise. The Chuckchuki Watch Tower is located inside the Gorumara National Park. It is an ideal place for bird watchers as varied species of birds are seen here. It is situated towards the end of the park and it is a famous watchtower among others. Tourists visiting the Gorumara National park are always taken to Chuckchuki watchtower. We were taken there by a jeep, where we came across the bird’s paradise. Here we saw different migratory birds like Indian Hornbill, by its colour I was attracted at first sight. There were more birds like Minivet, Peafowls, Asian paradise suncatcher, as the name suggests they were really eye-catcher. One can enjoy their fullest at this place.


It is the oldest forest located just on the northern side of Gorumara National Park or can be said as the continuation of this park. The Murti River flows by the western boundary of Chaparmari forest. The forest is filled with greenery which was so soothing to my eyes and soul. The place is calm and placid. It provides real natural shelter to the animals and birds living there. It seemed to me like heaven in earth, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place that is meant for the nature lover and a must-go place for them. This place is surrounded by tall trees that would give you shelter and cool breeze. There I visited the big old forest bungalow where they have shelter for the visitors. Apart from this bungalow, you will also find a rest house from where I saw the whole panoramic view of the heavenly paradise and the Dooars region with the mighty mountains at is the backdrop.

CHALSA (a small town)

Chalsa is a very small town in the Dooars region also known as the “Queen of Dooars” and it is one of the most visiting places by tourists. Like other tourists, I was not aware of this town that is visually attractive and mesmerizing. It was before known for its Mangal Bari Hat but now its mostly renowned for its scenic beauty. I was really pleased by the smell of tea, that was so refreshing, and it is found immensely surrounding in this area. The main centre of attraction is the hills which surround the town. I have also seen a variety of orchids in Chalsa town. This is a must-go place as it gives retreat to your eyes and soul.

BY- Namrota Ghosh Chowdhury

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